Those dietary supplements are exceptionally suitable for individuals exposed to heavy mental and physical exertion. They stimulate and refresh the body without causing overexcitement of the central nervous system. They significantly improve the functional capacity of skeletal muscles, increase the levels of glycogen, lactic acid, adenosine triphosphoric acid and of creatine-phosphate in muscles. They increase the body’s tone, and have marked stimulating and tonic effects. They are recommended in cases of heavy mental and physical exertion, in cases of general infirmity, decreased libido, and during recovery from severe illnesses. The effects of Advance and of Leuzea are associated with the ingredient Leuzea Carthamoidis alcohol-aqueous extract, and also with the liquid formulation of the product, making absorption extremely rapid, starting even in the oral cavity.

  Known for more than three thousand years to the inhabitants of Central Asia and China, Leuzea Carthamoidis extracts have been administered daily to mountain warriors from the Tibet and Hindocush, who were famous for their fabulous strength, power endurance, health and long life expectancy.

  Modern investigations on the herb have shown that the active substances conferring its effect are: makisterone-a [Tetrahedron C28]; makisterone-b; makisterone-c; makisterone-d; 20—hydroxyecdysone.

  The second, but by no means inferior in importance, is the bee honey ingredient in Advance. It is one of the best miracle foods provided by Mother Nature. Almost 100 % energy, honey is not subjected to food decay (a more than 5,000 old honey has been found, good for human consumption). Due to its specific composition, it is the ideal food for the brain as well. Honey plays the role of a vehicle too, by accelerating the supply of active substances to the cells in the body.

  The supplements have no contraindications. They are recommended for use in all age groups.

  The active substancy (ecdisterone) content is different in each mixture. To reach the favorable effect an acceptance of 45 mg pure (95-100%) ecdisterone is enough, without a danger from overdosing.


Packaging: Solution from a alcohol-aquaextract from Leuzea Carthamoides (50 ml) and 75 g pure bee honey.



Leuzea Carthamoidеs (Rhaponticum Carthamoidеs)

Leyzea or Maral root