Alpha Lipoic Acid


(Alpha Lipoic Acid)
















  Alfa lipoic acid (C8H14O2S2is perhaps the most valuable anti-oxidant known to science.

  It increases glucose supply to the muscles (insulin-like effect), assists insulin acting independently of it, and enhancing cell intake of glucose. It increases the rate of glucose transformation to ATP (adenosine triphosphate) by 40%, improves creatine supply and thus significantly improving power and the endurance.

  An universal anti-oxidant, water and lipid soluble. It facilitates the conversion of other anti-oxidants (vitamin C and vitamin E, glutathione, coenzyme Q 10) from their oxidized form to their antioxidizing form. It recovers and maintains adequate intracellular glutathione levels. Glutathione is one of the most important antioxidants in the body and has a very important liver detoxifying effect.

  It recovers mitochondrial function in aging cells which results in making the cells “younger”. It helps prevent the onset and the development of numerous diseases, such as diabetes and its complications, but cannot substitute insulin on its own. It helps suppress muscle pain and numbness after intensive exertion. It achieves insulin-like effect, and as a result of that the majority of nutrients and their substances reach the muscle cells more rapidly.

  It plays the role of a coenzyme in several reactions in the body, one of which is glycolysis – the process of converting blood sugar into energy. It causes a manifold increase of the effectiveness of other supplements, particularly those requiring the availability of higher insulin levels for maximum absorption (e.g. creatine, glutamine, amino acids, etc.).

  Alpha Lipoic Acid brings many benefits in power sports and jobs related with extreme physical stress:

  Helps removing pain and  numbness in the muscles in intensive loading regime. Grows the speed ot ATF (adenosine triphosphate) with 40%, improve creatine suppy and in result the strenght and endurance increase significantly. So,  Alpha Lipoic Acid plays very important role in liver detoxication processes. Contained therein sulphur connects with the atoms of mercury, cadmium and other heavy metals, and after  the compounds are ejected out. 

Recommended dosing: 1-3 tablets per day.

Packaging: 20 tablets.


 3D image of Alpha Lipoic Acid structure