Chromium Picolinate
















  Chromium picolinate (Cr(C6H4NO2)3) together with insulin facilitates sugar metabolism. It helps in the transport of proteins to their target sites. It facilitates growth. It he lpsprevent hypertension and the reduction of blood pressure values.

  It prevents the development of diabetes, improves insulin action by increasing the sensitivity of insulin receptor, maintains blood sugar levels, reduces the feeling of being hungry during dieting by suppressing the desire to consume sugar and sweets, improves metabolism.

 The usual re commended daily intake for adults is 50-200 micrograms. The amount of chromium in the body decreases with age and the requirements for supplemental intake of chromium increase. Zinc and chromium have similar activity and act synergistically (work in cooperation in the body). At normal levels in the body they have a very important role for maintaining the high level of immunity, rapid recovery from trauma and inflammations, as well as for the normal metabolism.

  The picolinate form of chromium is among the best absorbed forms for ntake. This form is a result of Chromium interaction with picolinate acid.

Package: Tablets (1.25 mg providing 150 µg Chromium)  60 pc. 

3D image of Chromium Picolinate structure form