COMMANDO is perhaps the most versatile dietary supplement, when power and endurance are concerned. The non-hormonal phytochemical formulation based on Tribulus terrestris, Avena Sativa, Epimedium P.E (icariin – 40%) and Chromium Picolinate. It restores the youthful hormonal balance in the human body. In males, it causes an increase in testosterone and luteinizing hormone levels, while in females it causes an increase in the FSH and estradiol levels, without an increase in testosterone levels (that makes it suitable for use in both sexes).

  Along with the increase in hormone levels, a marked increase in sexual activity occurs, as well as an increase in libido (icariin causes an extremely increased libido). By increasing the endogenous testosterone levels, Commando has an overall stimulating effect, improving the central nervous system and increasing muscle tone.

  Chromium picolinate takes care of glucose metabolism, while Avena Sativa improves the utilization of free testosterone. Therefore, Commando is suitable for individuals intensively involved in muscle building training, athletes of different disciplines, for workers exposed to heavy physical workload, or individuals experiencing sexual problems for males and females alike, and in cases of fatigue, for rapid recovery. .

  This product is especially developped for Bulgarian Military Commandos needs and helps them successfully to overcome different troubles in time of their missions in many world's hot points. 

Packaging: 30 tablets.