Dragon’s blood

(Liquid Gold; Liquid Gold+; Liquid Max; Pure Gold)


  Those are the supplements which contain Rhodiola rosea (golden root, arctic root, maral root) as a major ingredient.

  The exceptionally beneficial effect of that herb has been known for ages. In all languages it is called “The golden root” and there is a good reason for that.

  Before becoming available on the general market, it was used only by elite athletes and by special military units. It increases the mental and the physical abilities, improves condition and concentration.

  Being a potent adaptogen, it increases the ability of the body to withstand and cope with cold, heat, noise, stress, toxins, mental and sexual disorders. It stimulates metabolism and the central nervous system. It improves cellular respiration and causes the hidden internal energy of the body to be released. Being a potent antioxidant, it binds free radicals and delays aging. It accelerated the recovery processes after injuries or severe illnesses. It shortens the recovery time following physical and mental overload, increases the endurance of the body to overexertion, and speeds up the memorizing process. It creates a non-specific high resistance to rapidly changing unfavourable environments and factors. It improves night vision and shortens the light-dark adaptation time.

  The supplements are extremely suitable for pilots, athletes, individuals exposed to occupational high mental or physical exertion, for students, in periods of extreme stress, during high mountain passages and climbing, during dieting and irregular eating habits, in cases of psychological or sexual problems, depression, torpidity and rapid fatigue. During prolonged use, they build up an almost inhuman endurance potential. They are suitable for use by all age groups.

  Dragon’s Blood: Rhodiola rosea aqueous-alcoholic extract. A rapidly absorbable product with a peak effect 3 to 4 hours from intake. It is recommended to be taken two to three times daily.

  Liquid Gold; Liquid Gold+; Liquid Max: Rhodiola rosea aqueousalcoholic extract with added bee honey for improved absorption, because bee honey acts as an active vehicle for transport to the cells. Honey itself is in addition a source of energy, as well as a perfect product stabilizer.

  Pure Gold: tablets containing dry Rhodiola rosea extract. This is the product of highest strength and duration of effect. The onset of effect is less rapid, compared to the above described products, but lasts longer and is more potent.


Packaging: Dragon’s blood: 25 ml aqua-alcohol extract;  Liquid Gold: 125 ml aqua-alcohol  extract + natural bee honneyPure Gold: Tablets (100 mg dry extract) 60 pc. 


Rhodiola Rosea (Golden root)