Ecdisten is a dietary supplement, which established itself with time and is extensively used in the sports world.

  The active substance (20-hydroxyecdysone, C8H14O2S2 ) , is derived from the Leuzea Carthamoidis extract (Golden root, Maral root). It has the properties of an adaptogen and a non-hormonal anabolic agent. It increases the tone and acts refreshingly without causing overexcitement of the central nervous system. Pointed above beneficient effects of this preparation are a result of  20-hydroxyecdysone steroidal structure. In result with this products effects similiar to these caused by anabolic steroids use are reached, but without anyone from their harmful consequences. Due that this product is approved as absolutely allowed from anti doping authorities and acceptable to be accepted from professional sportsmen. 

  It takes part in numerous intracellular processes, increases the levels of adenosine triphosphoric acid, of creatine phosphate, and of glycogen in muscles. It leads to a qualitatively better musculature, increased power and endurance.

  It may be used in combination with Commando, Tribesta Max, Tribesta Lux and Pure Gold. Taken either alone, or in combination with any of the above products, it has a striking effect. !

  The Ecdisten effect is so powerful that it's use lead to 40% result in cell proteines synthesis compared with equivalent dose of well known anabolic steroid Methandrostenolon. It is the perfect supplement to a high roteine diet. 

  Recommendable for weight lifters and body builders Ecdisten dosing per day is 1-3 tablets 2-3 times after eating in the anaerobic series period when heavy weights are used. Acceptance period is around  10-20 days, after is good to take a 10-15 days break, combined with relaxing and maintaining regime.

Package: Tablets 50 pc (20-HYDROXYECDYSONE -10 mg).


 20-hydroxyecdysone 3D structural formula