Folyferrol is a triple component product with an exceptionally favourable effect on the whole body. It contains folic acid, which acts as an anti-anemic factor, and participates in red blood cells and platelets formation, and under the action of vitamin C, it is transformed to folinic acid, the latter being very important in the biosynthesis of nucleic acids, of amino acids and proteins.

  Folic Acid: Vitamin В9(C19H19N7O6). It is an anti-anemic factor, takes a part in erythrocytes and trombocythes forming. In cooperation with Vitamin C is transforming in Foline Acid - playing an important role in nucleine acids, amino acids and proteins biosynthesis.

  Vitamin B12: Known also as Cobalamine, Vitamin B12 is essential for the production of myelin, the lipid cover serving as an insulator of fibres and thus ensuring proper transduction of electrical impulses in the body. Due to this important function, vitamin B12 deficiency may result in a whole sequence of problems, including memory loss, confusion, hallucinations, fatigue, loss of balance, slow reflexes, impaired sensation of touch and pain, arm and leg rigidity and numbness, roar in the ears and hearing loss resulting from intensive noises in the ears.

  Because vitamin B12 is important for the production of red blood cells, after taking vitamin B12 you will almost instantly start to feel a burst of energy, which means a greater capacity for oxygen supply to the tissues. Unfortunately, 10 to 30% of people are unable to supply to themselves sufficient vitamin B12 through their normal diet.

  Fe (iron): It is essential for the production of hemoglobin (found in red blood cells), of myoglobin (the red pigment in muscles), and of some enzymes. Only about 8% of the total ingested iron is absorbed and carried into the blood flow. An adult individual with an average body weight of 68 kg has about 4 grams of iron in his/her body.

  Hemoglobin, for which the greater amount of iron is used, is recycled and reused during the replacement of red blood cells, occurring at 120 day intervals. Protein bound iron (ferritin) is stored in the body in very small quantities, similarly to iron in tissues (present in myoglobin). The daily requirements are 10-15 mg for adults and 30 mg for pregnant women and athletes. Women lose two times more iron compared to men. Iron is necessary for the normal metabolism of the vitamin B group.

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Structural formula of the Folic Acid - 3D image.