This is a diamino monocarboxy, conditionally essential amino acid. It is needed for the normal functioning of the pituitary. In combination with L-Ornithine and other neuromediaters, L-Arginine is necessary for the growth hormone release.

  L-Arginine takes part in the building of muscle tissue and is included in protein composition, but it has numerous other functions as well. The possible deficiency will lead to sterility. Furthermore, L-Arginine increases spermatozoid counts in males, increases the endogenous production of testosterone, boosts the immune system, decreases subcutaneous fatty tissue, stimulates the energising and mental functions, improves digestion, and acts as a potent liver detoxification agent, etc.

  When the body is under stress, e.g. in the presence of trauma, burns, or inflammations L-Arginine becomes an amino acid of exceptional importance, and therefore, it is necessary to ensure its adequate supply. Everyone needs to take sufficient amounts of LArginine, but groups with increased daily need of this amino acid include adolescents, athletes, overweight individuals and the elderly. The intake of L-Arginine of individuals during active training will allow them to do harder training and to avoid unpleasant consequences of overexhaustion. Overweight individuals, those recovering from trauma, and those suffering from erectile problems will also feel improvement of their physical condition when they start to take arginine. The daily requirements of L-Arginine are particularly high in males, because seminal fluid contains at least 88% of that protein building material.

  Special precaution should be taken if you use arginine wile you are taking any of the following medicines: ibuprofen, organic nitrates, sildenafil citrate (Viagra). If you use yohimbin, you should be aware that Arginine increases the effect of yohimbin.

Recommended dosing: 1-3 tablets per day.

Package: 90 tablets  (250mg  L-Arginine HCL)


3D structural image of the L-Arginine