Having a broad activity profile, it is an extremely useful product for all types of users. It supplies the body with the vitally needed elements in a well balanced formula.

  Due to improper nutrition, to food deficient in micro- and in macroelements resulting from soil exhaustion, thermal processing of food and alcohol abuse, an enormous part of the population suffers from serious element deficiency. That, on its turn, results in the impairment of many vital for the body biochemical processes, and although slowly, causes deterioration of health and of the quality of life.

  Microelmix is an obligatory adjuvant for all kinds of physical activity and diet regimens, and to all type of supplements. Microelmix alone is not enough, but you can’t do without it.

 Each tablet contains: Mg lactate-10mg+ Fe lactate-5mg+ Na selenite-50µg+ Zn lactate-10mg

 Packaging: Tablets 30 pc.