The supplement is intended to help fighting overweightedness.

  It increases gut peristaltic, eliminates the feeling of being hungry. It accelerates the burning of lipids, reduces the absorption of nutrients in the human body.

  Of course, it must be combined with a proper diet and exercise. (There is no magic product developed yet to allow you to “Eat like a pig, sit all day long, and lose weight at the same time”!)

  Power Slim Fluid should not be used alone. It is recommended for use in combination with Dragon’s Force, Chromium Picolinate, Pure Gold and Microelmix. Power Slim Fluid is taken only before meals. It is not recommended for people with gastroduodenal disorders, such as gastritis, ulcers, and similar conditions.

Contains: 100ml aqua-alcohol extract from Herba Alchemillae (lady's mantle); Radix Ononidis (root harrow); Herba Polygoni Hidropiper (water pepper); Folliculi Sennae (cassia fruit); Frangula Alnus (buckthorn); Radix Polypodium Vulgare (liquorice root) +25ml pure bee honey.

Recommended dosing: 1-3 doses (around 5 drops) must be dissolved in 250 ml of lukewarm water and drink it. The procedure is needed to be repeated three times daily.

Packaging: 125 ml vial bottle. 

Cassia (Senna Reticulata) 



Water pepper ( Polygonum hydropiper)