„There is included the best part of my experiance”

                                                                Ivan  Abadzhiev   



  FIVE STARS LABORATORY proposes a rich line of different nutrition supplements: micro elements, energizers, amino acids, biologically active plant extracts and their combinations. 

 Trusted foundation of their formulas are great experience and many years experiments of Ivan Abadzhiev - Bulgarian coach of the century, named by the president of International Weightlifting Association Gottfried Schödl himself "a trainer of the world". The decisive role for the won under his leadership titles and medals had carefully developed nourishing substances. They help to his champions to withstand required by him extreme physical exertions and  easily defeat their rivals. 



Ivan Abadzhiev - Bulgarian weight lifting national team coach of the century.


  The secret of our supremacy is simple but effective: patented proportions mixture, strict control in the coicing of raw materials, usage of the most advanced equipment and technologies in purification and mixing process. We avoid serial production and create restricted number partides at maximal stage of personal engagement ans testing.   Exactly it allows us more than ten years already to provide our customers products with quality and efficiency many times higher than these of analogical products proposing by our competitors.  

  Nutrition supplements of FIVE STARS LABORATORY are suitable not only for profesiional athletes, army commandos or active bodybuilders. They can provide a help without alternative for everyone who appreciates his health and wants to make his body capable to give him the best - in the both physiological and aesthetic aspects

 For each conctrete case we can prepare an individual schedule for aceptance of our products,  всеки конкретен случай ние можем да изготвим индивидуален план на приемане, adapted maximally with the targets and needs of each customer. 



 Rosen Plevneliev and Ivan Abadzhiev

Bulgarian president gives to the Bulgarian best coach the highest national sign of honor - "Stara planina" order.