Selenium is among the most valuable and essential microelements for the human body. Selenium and vitamin E are synergists and anti-oxidants which prevent, or at least slow down the process of aging and tissue rigidity (hardening) resulting from oxidation. Males have greater daily intake requirements for selenium.

  Almost half of the total selenium in the body is concentrated in the testicles and in segments of the seminal ducts adjacent to the prostate gland. It facilitates the maintenance of tissue elasticity, characteristic for the younger age. It improves hot flushes and discomfort associated with menopause. It helps to prevent dandruff.

  In case of deficiency – premature loss of endurance and vital energy. During cooking of food selenium forms compounds, that cannot be absorbed by the body and thus we virtually lose it. Selenium loss occurs with the semen, which should be kept in mind, particularly with respect to men of younger age, or of active age. (The ban on sexual intercourse before competitions is not accidental.)

Recommended dosing - 1 tablet per day.

Package: Tablets 20 pc.