The supplement is intended for a large array of users, including professional athletes and beginners, as well as individuals exposed to heavy exertion.

  It has a protective and energising effect. It contains Palatinose and Gelatine. Gelatine, a protein which is composed mostly of collagen is the most commonly occurring vital protein in the structure of mammals. For many years gelatine solutions have been considered to be of great benefit for maintaining the joints in the human body. The collagen molecule is formed by a triple chain in the form of a spiral. Collagen accounts for 30% of total proteins in the human body and has a very specific amino acid composition. The collagen molecule includes 1000 D-glycine, 360 D- proline and 300 D- hydroxyproline residues, which are not found in any other protein molecules. It’s true, that the human body is able to synthesise the essential amino acids glycine and proline, but one should bear in mind that enormous amounts of those amino acids are necessary for collagen synthesis. For example, the synthesis of 1 million collagen molecules (corresponding to 1 picogram, or to 0.1 nanogram) requires more than 1 billion glycine molecules and more than 620 million proline molecules. Hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine are not encoded in the DNA template, they are incorporated in the protein chains initially as proline and lysine and subsequently subjected to hydroxylation. Oral use of gelatin solutions is no doubt a valuable amino acid source for collagen structures. Studies have shown that collagen solution can reach exactly into such tissues as the skin, tendons, and joints with undamaged antigenic factors.

  This turns Spider into a very good product for prophylactics of osteoporosis, the fight against wear of joints and tendons, as well as into an energiser with a durable effect.

Contains:  Water extract of Palatinose – 30.00g; Gelatin -5.00g   .

Recommended dosing: 1-3 doses (around 5 drops) must be dissolved in 250 ml of lukewarm water and drink it. The procedure is necessary to be  repeated three times daily.

Package: 125 ml vial bottle 


Palatinose (Isomaltulose) structural formula.