It has all the useful properties of anabols, but without their adverse side effects.

  The product was prepared using an extremely complicated EXFTC (Extract fermentation, low temperature technology, in a controlled medium.)

  Having successfully passed the tests in the Barkley University( California) and in Las Vegas (Nevada) Tornado has shown to be of exceptional properties and to be absolutely harmless. It is not accumulated in the body because it is not a lipid soluble product, although this characteristics requires its daily use, particularly during hard preparatory and pre-contest periods. It increases the extreme muscle strength (by more than


  During long-term use (more than 30 days) it stimulates the release of growth hormone and of prolactine from the pituitary gland, and of glucagone and insulin from the pancreas.

  It helps the rapid recovery, within less than a day. If you fail to fully recover between training sessions, you are at risk of losing muscle tissue and, hence of losing power. For an optimal recovery, the body will require days free of training in the sports hall. If you are unable to provide yourself with sufficient time for recovery, then the training session will be contra-productive . The alternative is called Tornado.

  One of the most beneficial effects of Tornado is that it enhances metabolism of lipid stores in the body and increases the tonus of muscle tissue. Anyone, involved in fitness or in professional sport, will find it useful to know those properties of Tornado, as well as its general effect on the body, acting as stimulant of physical and mental activity.


Packaging: Vial bottle 125 ml.