It ensures the effective running of processes in the body, supports the enzyme system of the cells. It is important for protein synthesis. It controls muscle contractions. Together with Chromium it facilitates the formation of insulin. It plays an important role in blood stability and in maintaining the alkaline acid base balance in the body. It has a beneficial effect on the prostate, and on the development of sexual organs. It acts on the functioning of the central nervous system. Zinc is necessary for DNA synthesis too. Excessive sweating may cause zinc loss of up to 3 mg daily. A large part of the zinc content of foods is lost during cooking, and sometimes their original zinc content is negligible, due to soils poor in nutritional substance, as in our case.

  It shortens healing time for internal and external wounds. It eliminates the white spots under the nails. It restores the lost sense of taste and flavour. It facilitates the treatment for sterility, and helps to prevent prostate disorders.

  Zinc deficiency may result in prostate hypertrophy (non-carcinogenic enlargement of the prostate), atherosclerosis, hypogonadism (decreased functioning of the sex glands). If you take additional vitamin B6, you will need to increase your daily intake of zinc. This applies also to alcoholics and diabetics. Men (and especially those experiencing prostate problems) are recommended to maintain high zinc levels in the body. Women with menstrual cycle problem and disorders may benefit from taking a zinc supplement before attempting hormonal treatment. If you increase your zinc intake, it will mean increasing your vitamin A dietary requirements (Zinc acts optimally in conjunction with the vitamins A and C).

Recommended dosing - 1 tablet per day.

Опаковка: Tablets 20 pc.